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Below are a little bit of this and a little bit of that for you to get a better idea about this webstore.

First, i would like to introduce myself, I'm Selly,

Please feel free to visit my blog at http://sellymeliana.multiply.com or my social network at http://www.facebook.com/selly.meliana to get a better idea about me ~_~

You are also welcomed to send a message through Yahoo Messenger (YM).
My YM's ID is s_meliana

hijabjepang provides hijab needs, like hijaab scarf (for adults and also kids) or in Indonesia, we call it Jilbab,
We also provide muslimah clothing (tunic shirt, long dress/gamis), muslim clothing, etc.
All products are made in Indonesia (since I am an Indonesian, therefor my knowledge about Indonesian product is better compared to my knowledge to other country's product).

Every 4-5 weeks (starting May 2008) or if orders meet a certain amount, Insya Allah, I import new hijab stocks from Indonesia.
If you wish to order hijab that is not in stock, I can collect your order first, then I will order it as a batch or directly from Indonesia.

Why I'm doing this small business,
First, because of my own needs of hijab clothing.
Kind of impossible right now to find hijab clothing here.
But if I buy only a small amount of hijab clothings and send them here, well,
the delivery cost would be higher than clothing's price itself.

So, came to me an idea to buy a quite big amount of hijab clothing.
I took a few then I sold the rest with insya Allah, a reasonable price.

Suprisingly, Alhamdulillah, i receive very good responses!
Not only from my own friends, but also from other muslimah that i never met before.

The biggest thing i can get from my small business is I have a chance to "meet" a lot of new muslimah friends from all over Japan!
How nice!

I ran this small business on May 09, 2008.

There is no physically shop, actually.
There's only this webstore and a small apartment near Suzukakedai station on Den-en Toshi line.


I think it's long enough already. Thanks for reading it!


Selly Meliana



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